Work from home: 5 small businesses you can start at home and make additional income

5 small businesses you can start at home,work from home

A lot of workers are tired of the rat race , waking up at dawn to work and closing at 5pm ,join the traffic and some even get home at 8 to 10 pm. Not their fault as most are made to believe that, the only way they can earn a living is to work for somebody or in a large extent be an employee.It is something which trickles down from infancy through in our educational system.In school ,we are not being taught how to establish a business or something for pourseleves or better still how to make money . What do we see in our examination settings ? How to write an application looking for this or that.Of course you can work from home.


But there are so many thing we can do for ourselves to earn a living and not necessarily working for someone ,because as the work you are doing is someone’s job . I am not in anyway condemning job but why not build your own for yourself and even for your unborn generation.


I personally believe that , you shouldn’t work for someone for twenty to thirty years till you retire . You can make it your personal business to also employ one person or two.

Start something and these are some of the business you can start at home.

1.Cook or artisanship 

This is something most people with “some certificates” shy away from.That’s bad and that’s why most people are where they are .If you know how to cook any particular kind of meal very well, you can start cooking in front of your house . This isn’t reserved for some particular sections or traits  of people . There are several graduates whom afer not getting a job stated selling” ken-keys” and “Koko” , now they are billionaires . You can start in your own small ways

Also ,if you know how to do beads ,local jewellery, shoes ,you can start making them from home


2.Customer support at home

Most people don’t know this.Let me explain a bit ,customer support is for instance when you call a cut=stomer care center of your telephone service providers like Airtel,Mtn ,Tigo and the rest.Those who pick up your calls are customer service support.They are rending you customer services.Hotels,restaurant,phone shops all have customer support center.And this can be done from home .How? You can arrange with any company you want to be a customer service personnel for ,give reasons why you can do it better at home. But you must first of all have internet service, laptop and perhaps and little knowledge in customer support  etc as any company will require that.


    3.Teacher at home

Most of the time ,something you normally succeeds in is something you have passion for ,but also do it smartly and intelligently . If you have passion for teaching, you can start tutoring at home.Start from your area , talk to those who will want their kids to be taught at home.Organize them at home ,charge their parents and start earning some income .


4.Become a freelance home translator 

If you are good with many languages,you can be a paper or home translator.Many companies employ freelancers to translate their contracts , paper works et al for them. Moreover , it is giving to you ,to be taking to the house ,translated and then submit it on an agreed date .


5.Network marketing 

Multilevel marketing or network marketing is one great way pf earning from home.It started from the 19th century but took a full effect in the 2000’s and still running.There are several of them around you can join. You can contact us and we will help you join a very good one .They give you the opportunity to earn any amount you want to earn by following modus operandi and their payment plan structure.



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