Retired premature musician-Adu Safowaa jabs Stacy Amoateng’s husband

Adu Safowaa(L) Stacy Amoateng and Husband(R)
Adu Safowaa(L) Stacy Amoateng and Husband(R)

Actress Adu Safowaa amid her beef with Stacy Amoateng, the General Manager for Angel Broadcasting Network-ABN has thrown subliminal shots at Okyeame Quophi.

Adu Safowaa, the lady who goes about parading herself as Dr Kwaku Oteng’s daughter is not resting until she punches Stacy Amoateng very hard to the face hence her recent attack to her husband.

Readers could recall, Adu Safowaa recently called out Stacy for not adding her photo to the flyer for the just-ended Adonko Next Level Virtual Concert that took place September 21st at Holiday Inn, Accra.

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It came out that Stacy Amoateng took her name out of the list of celebrities who were to be on the fliers because she had some unresolved issues with her.

The actress also pointed fingers at her for having a hand in the Akua GMB’s marital issues with Dr Kwaku Oteng.

This and other issues compelled Adu Safowaa to angrily come out on social media to blast Stacy Amoateng for being ‘wicked and greedy’. Read more of this in the link below;

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In the latest shot by Adu Safowaa, she has dragged Stacy’s husband, Okyeame Quophi to the mud.

According to Adu Safowaa, Okyeame Quophi is retired premature musician who should be ashamed of himself for still being an employee at his age.

She mocked him as being a beggar at his age. Safowaa said Okyeame Quophi is a big disgrace to himself and to the family since at age of ’59’ he’s still working for someone when he could have set up his own business.

See her post below:

Adu Safowaa post
Adu Safowaa post

Adu Safowaa who played a leading role in Adonko Bitters’ famous TV commercial’s jab at Okyeame Quophi comes after the later on social media to mock and subtly tease the former.

See post below;

Okyeame QuophiOkyeame Quophi
Okyeame Quophi

Adu Safowaah who perhaps chanced on this shade from Okyeame Quophi online replied; thereby tearing the broadcaster apart with her affront words on social media written above.