Revealed: Know How Often You Should Have S*x With Your Partner

S*x with a partner is a big issue in every relationship. ranging from how long you should have it, what time you should have it and how many times is ideal.

Today brings you a research on how often you you should have se* with your partner to ensure happiness and stress free s*xual life in your relationship.

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How often do you have s*x with your spouse? Researchers from the University of Toronto Missisauga have revealed how often you should have s*x with your spouse.

In terms of being happy, you really only need to have s*x once a week – any more than that is just showing off, Metro reports.

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Based on data from 25,510 Americans aged 18 to 89, the researchers found that having sex around once a week is the sweet spot for happiness.

“I do think couples can end up feeling pressure to try to engage in s*x as frequently as possible,” Amy Muise of the University of Toronto Mississauga said.

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“Once a week is a more realistic goal to set than thinking you have to have s*x everyday and that feels overwhelming and you avoid it.

“This showed a linear association between s*x and happiness up to a frequency of once a week, but at higher frequencies there is no longer an association.”

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“Therefore it is not necessary, on average, for couples to aim to engage in s*x as frequently as possible.”

We will bring you a research on how long you should last when having s*x with your partner as well us when the ideal time to engage in s*x with him or her. Stay with

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