25 Romantic names to call your husband that will light the spark and spice up your relationship

The traditional pet names use to call men have become too common and has even lost its romance. It’s about time you spice up your relationship.

GhanaPage.com is here to give you 25 romantic names which you can use to call your husband or boyfriend which will bring back the spark.

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My dear, you have used words like “baby”, “sweetie” and “honey” to call your man for far too long. Let us help you to be more romantic.

Check Out The 25 Names Below

1. AMORE MIO: This means “my love” in Italian.

2. MI AMOR: This means “my love” in Spanish.

3. CHARMING: If you feel your man melts your heart with his charm, this is the perfect pet name to call him.

4. HONEY BUN: When you feel your man is just too sweet.

5. TIGER: If you feel he hits the right spot in bed, this is a good name to call him.

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6. ROMEO: You remember the story of Romeo and Juliet; if you feel you have a romantic man, you can call him your Romeo.

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7. SOULMATE: You can call him your soulmate if you feel you both fit perfectly.

8. HOTSTUFF: If you feel your man is just too hot, then you have the best name for him.

9. ADORABLE: When you see him as adorable, then there is no better to call him.

10. SEXY: Every man loves to be seen as sexy. This would definitely boost his ego.

Effect of Pride and Ego on Relationship

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11. BEAR: If you have a big guy who truly loves you, then this name is a nice one to call him.

12. SUGAR: For that sweet, gentle and romantic guy.

13. SUGAR LIPS: When his kiss sends you to paradise and back

14. MY ONLY ONE: If he’s the only one in your life. He would definitely feel special.

15. PRINCE CHARMING: If he sweeps you off your feet.

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16. MY SUNSHINE: For the guy who brightens your world and who can make you happy even when you are sad.

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17. MY EVERYTHING: For the guy, you just can’t do without.

18. MR COOL GUY: For the playful and romantic guy who’s just cool.

19. MY HERO: For the guy who would do anything for you.

20. HANDSOME: The name says it all. For that handsome guy who melts your heart with his good looks.

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21. MR GOOD LOOKING: For the man with the perfect looks that you just admire so much.

22. DARLING: Old and classic pet name but forever remains evergreen.

23. MY LOVE: Another classic pet name for a man you love so much.

24. CUTIE: For that cute man that staring at him makes you smile deep within.

25. GIGGLES: When you love his giggles so much.

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25 Romantic names to call your man that will make him swoon in love


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