Who Is Rosemond Brown? – Veteran Actor Ask

Rosemond Brown otherwise known as Akwapim Poloo quest to get to stardom has made her adopt a strategy which is to peddle falsehood about renowned celebrities and how they misconducted themselves towards her.

Earlier, she lied about AMG rapper Medikal trying to rape her and after apologizing to the rapper for speaking false news about him, she again mentioned some two veteran actors of sleeping with her with the aim of helping her become a star.

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According to her, she gave in to the sexual advances of actors Prince Yawson otherwise known as Waakye and Fred Amugi because they both promised to nurture her in her acting career.

In order to ascertain the truth of her claims, we reached out to the two veteran actors in separate instances and they categorically denied ever knowing her and not to talk about having an affair with her.

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Waakye wondered why Rosemond could be such a blatant liar warning that if she was doing so for fame, she should be mindful that he [Waakye] has taken more than a decade to build his credibility and will not allow anyone soil it like that.

“I do not even know who Rosemond Brown is. What does she do”, he asked.

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