Salma Mumin

After days of allegations that Salma Mumin has traveled to Turkey to do liposuction, the actress has finally released a new video to prove she has not done anything of that sort.

In the new video, Salma Mumin showed her a$s fully to her fans. This is the first time after the allegation went viral.

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This time around, someONE else took the video of her wiggling her a$s to show it’s as cute as it used to be.

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When a fan asked her if it was an old video before the alleged butt surgery, Salma Mumin clarify that she took the video just yesterday

Judging from the previous photos and videos which are abundant on social media, we can safely say Salma Mumin has not gone under the knife as being alleged in the media.


According to Sister Sandy of Adom TV who first brought the news, Salma Mumin was pressured by her boyfriend to go under the knife because he loves women with big buttocks.

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Fearing for her relationship, she had to quickly travel to Turkey to do the surgery to save her relationship.

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Well, as far as we know, its been alleged Salma is dating Kofi Asamoah (KOFAS). Some of us didn’t know he is booty man…lol

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