Audio: Sarkodie Reveals How He Met Tracy And How Long It Took Him To Approach Her – Read details

Sarkodie just revealed how he met Tracy

Sarkodie reveals how he met Tracy

I remember when Sarkodie was asked in one interview why he doesn’t talk about his love life in public- Paraphrasing him,

” that is something I hold in high esteem, the moment you let the public know too much of it , it loses it’s value.It is something I can even make sales of it via my songs or books in the future”He replied

From there on I realize why Ghana’s best rapper in our generation doesn’t talk about that aspect of his life.He keep that as his biggest treasure.

True to his word , he likes to release or talk about that in his songs.In one of his song’s titled “wofa Kwame” Sarkodie explained how his Girlfriend Secretly maltreats him.Whether that girlfriend is Tracy or a different one still remain a mystery we are yet to know.

However, in a new song titled ‘Just In Case’ Sarkodie this time talks about how he met his baby mama, Tracy and how he struggled to even approach her to make his feelings known.

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The “RNS hitmaker” in the song tagged Tracy as his Ride Or Die chick. He stated that she remains the most beautiful woman in his life.He regarded her that several years ago even before they started dating.

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“I really loved Tracy but I acted retarded, ever since I was a kid, I regarded EwurAma to be the most beautiful girl on this planet and I still believe that..She was my first crush but then I could see that she doesn’t like corner-corner..”

Sarkodie and Tracy (Ewurama ) have a daughter together called Titi.

Listen to the song;

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