Secure your relationship: 3 things you should never tell your man about yourself no matter what

Secure your relationship: 3 things you should never tell your man about yourself no matter what

Ladies…Before I start, I will like you to understand that I have no intention of selling you the idea that you should be secretive to your part. In fact, secrets destroy a relationship. You should do well to avoid it.

That being said, you should also know that somethings are better left unsaid. The 3 under listed points are important things in a relationship that if not handled maturely by a woman has the potential of ruining the whole affair. Secure your relationship by being tight mouth sometimes.

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Information sharing not only establish trust in a relationship but it also strengthens the bond between two couples. But some information is absolutely irrelevant and should be avoided at all cost.


Before you guys met and started being in a relationship, He must have known you have dated before. After all, you were not a v*rgin, were you? Then leave it there. No need going on and on giving unnecessary information that has the potential to destroy what you have built with him.

Don’t for once assume information such as this is trivial and has no consequences. On the contrary, it can be very damaging.Imagine you’re dating a very sensitive person who’s jealous and judgmental, telling them something like this could trigger an emotion that can lead to the end of that relationship. There are people who somehow believe that the number of people you sleep with or date is a direct reflection of who you are. My dear, even if he ask don’t tell.


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