Shatta Michy-Ara B Drama: Michy Gives Her Final Opinion On The Issue...Read Here
(Left ) Shatta Michy - Ara B (right)

Ara B, who is a musician and happens to be the former hype man and was seen constantly on stage and in videos with Shatta Wale made damning revelations about his former boss’s wife few days ago which got him arrested by the police for libel.

As it’s obvious now, Ara B didn’t leave the Shatta Movement family in good terms. He has countless times called Shatta Wale an ungrateful person claiming that he was the money man of the family for all the years the “Bandana Brand” was dead.

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According to him, when Shatta Wale was nobody, he was there for him, invested his money in his career and more but now that he’s blown, and seems to have forgotten or relegated him to the background.

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During the beef and exchange of words between Shatta wale and Ara B, Shatta Michy chipped in by jabing Ara B on Snap Chat calling him a batty bwoy. Michy wrote  “Sum batty bwoy looking fi trouble nuh start wah yuh cyaa finish”

This didn’t go down well with Ara B. He posted damning unprintable words on facebook about Michy. Michy and Shatta didnt take it lightly and resulted in calling for his arrest.

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In a quick turn of events, Shatta Michy has changed his mind on having Ara B arrested. She seems to have found the spirit of forgiving.

Quoting the bible to buttress his opinion she posted ” Forgive them for they know not what they have done ….. I forgive u” .

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Read Michy’s Post

We hope and pray with this post all the brouhaha between Shatta Michy and Ara B has been laid to rest.

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