Shatta Michy is a Lesbian & allows Others to f*ck her in Club Toilets– Arab B

Arab B, who is a musician and happens to be the former hype man and was seen constantly on stage and in videos with Shatta Wale has made a damning revelation about the wife and babymama of the dancehall King.

According to Arab in a facebook post last night , he called Shatta Michy , a lezbian,a drug addicts,and a cheat as well.

This seems to be a pay back and a real indication that Arab B did not leave the Shatta Movement on a good note and seems to be a bad blood between him and the dancehall King.

According to reports,Arab B has left because has wanted to be his own man and has formed his own team called OSM meaning (Osumania), whatever that means.

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There were also reports that Arab B and Shatta Wale were not in good terms for some weeks before the former left.
His facebook post after his departure says he all- In the post Arab B wrote;

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“I am officially not an sm(shatta movement)member, I have my own reasons so if u hate or love its ur own choice those who know da truth know its very clear.Am no fool 4 no man O.S.M me say me nah watch nobady..scare well bull it.”

In all this build up is a real indication that , the then hype man- now musician wasn’t a happy man at the camp.

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