You've pulled a gun on me 3 times and the fake people around you know the truth - Shatta Michy reveals

Shatta Michy has pulled down all her controversial Facebook comments hours after accusing Shatta Wale of assaulting and pointing a gun at her.

Shatta Wale earlier today, took to his social media page to announce he has broken up with Shatta Mitchy. Wale in his post, accused Mitchy of chasing him with a knife, and subsequently warned all men to be wise and take similar actions against their women.

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Wale’s Facebook comment caused a huge stir among some of his fans, as they expressed mix feelings about the news.

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However, Shatta Michy also counter-attacked Shatta Wale, accusing him of assaulting her. Michy in a series of comments posted a photo of a portion of her head to her fans, creating the impression that Shatta Wale has physically assaulted her.

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In another post wrote, “From a one corner ghetto to 2 houses.Shall we all know how the second one came about? God hates ungrateful people. Accept your faults, or accept that u have a problem and seek help.”

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Well, our new checks on her timeline indicate she has deleted all the posts that she posted accusing Shatta Wale.

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She has posted this new post on her timeline which reads:

“I’m thankful for all those difficult people in my life, for they’ve shown me who I do not want to be I aspire to be happy, successful, empowered to empower. I refuse to be broken not for me but for all the young ladies around me. #ladyboss #michy1 #SMWomenEmpowerment,” Mitchy posted.

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