Shatta Wale and Yaa Pono’s Beef— This is how it started & Everything you need to know

Shatta Wale and Yaa Pono’s Beef

Shatta Wale and Yaa Pono’s Beef

A lot of the fans are wondering how this got started — Who dissed who first and why.This is all you need to know about how it began and everything that has happened

Yaa Pono on February 18, 2017,that was a Saturday was billed to perform at the Cape Coast stadium with other stars which Shatta Wale was among.

According to Yaa Pono,he was prevented from performing when he got to the venue- He took to his social media handles to vent his displeasure.

“We left Tamale for Kumasi and later flew into Cape Coast hoping to put up a great show but eventually, the organizers put up an act of cowardice by disallowing us from performing. I’m sure they were scared we will take over the show since the people of Cape Coast like me more than any other act and were calling for me.”

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Many blamed Shatta Wale for being the cause Pono was not able to perform.His manager Julio Cyriaano Olympio had to clear the air;

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“How many times do we stand still and watch organisers mess up with the Brand…why do we always have to go on stage at 4am…when our fans arrive at 6pm…we expect them to stand from 6pm to 4am before they watch their king perform…you give us 12pm then we always have to compromise and allow every act to go on stage and the excuse is “we’ve been trying to reach them but they aren’t picking their calls ..Our road manager is always at the venue from 6 pm coordinating and waiting for organisers to give us the green light…Shatta has made it a point to suggest Yaa pono anytime event organisers ask which acts he wants on his platform. so why this unnecessary Rants..when clearly it’s either your road manager isn’t working with time or rather direct your rants to the producers of the event…Samething happened in Abetiffi… Unnecessary Unnecessary Unnecessary hype ….”

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