Home Lifestyle SHOCKING: Man Finds Out His Wife Has Peni$ On Their Wedding Night

SHOCKING: Man Finds Out His Wife Has Peni$ On Their Wedding Night

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SHOCKING: Man Finds Out His Wife Has Peni$ On Their Wedding Night

A gentleman who decided not have any sex.ual affair with the wife until they are married has had the worse shock of his life when he found out on their wedding night his wife has the male genitalia.

Although he wanted them try it before marriage, the wife insisted no se.x before marriage. and he concerted unwillingly.

The confuse man who has no idea what to do now in a letter to Relationship Blogger, Joro Olumofin explained what really happened.

Read The story below:

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Hi Joro

I have been sitting on this same spot since last night wondering how I got myself into this. We dated for one year and she did not for once let me see her [email protected] insisting on no se.x before marriage. How foolish I was. she’s so beautiful and I thought it was worth the wait. I’m confused.

We got married on Monday and before the reception I begged her to let me have a taste of the cookie and she refused and I agreed because a *a little suspense is always good”. Imagine my shock at night when I saw my wife with an erect peni$. I almost punched her/him.

She said she was born that way but for Pete’s sake why did she hide such a thing from me. I can’t stop crying. I built my life around her. I’m weak. I can’t even tell my friends.

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I feel like visiting the lagoon or just taking otapiapia. Joro please help me, you and you followers. I need to hurt her equally. I spent almost 2 million Naira on a wedding to see a dic.k? This is too much. Help me.

I’m gradually losing my mind. She claims she didn’t tell me because she didn’t want to lose me, for Christ’s sake, what do I do now? Where do I start?

To the situation report, I went to her dad and expressed my displeasure at being deceived and he asked me if I remember him always asking if she had told me everything about her and I kept saying yes (because I thought she had a dark past and I wasn’t interested in knowing). He said he wasn’t in a position to tell me she was born with a peni$.

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Long story short, she’s gone abroad for corrective surgery and it was successful and she’s due back next week but… I don’t love her anymore, the thought that she tricked me with the no se.x before marriage thing to marry her is killing me.

In my mind she’ll always be the lady with a peni$ and I don’t see me ever having se.x with her. Joro, you’re the shrink here, is there anything I can do to see her as a woman again? I don’t wanna have se.x with her and start believing I’m gayy *the thought I made out with her after the wedding makes me feel sick).

Divorce is going to be a last resort but I want to try my best to make us work. Help me Joro, how can I love her as a woman once more?

God bless you.

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