From Grass to Grace – Shoemaker to cassette Seller-Osei Kwame Despite – Sarkodie, Stonebwoy , Shatta Wale and 8 other celebrities share their life struggles from the beginning Will inspire you

Shoemaker to cassette Seller-Osei Kwame Despite

It is a human nature to forget about the struggles a successful person had to go through before making it. There is a saying which goes ” remember my struggles before you talk about my glory now”.

Mentors or some people tend to concentrate on only the flashy cars, mansions and the lot we see the celebrities cruise in.

Of course, some of the celebrities we see today were born rich , their parents(family) have money even before fame. But some were also born “in the pit of poverty” and had to rise their way through to the top.

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Even some of those that were born into rich families had it tough, they were dejected and rejected for the choice of careers they chose.En-route to what they are doing today, some were mocked and even insulted in their first attempt.

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All these People passed through a lot to become what they are today. No Matter the Situation you find yourself, You Can Still Make it with Hard work, determination, perseverance, and prayers GOD will always make a way, cheer up. today brings to you 12 Ghanaian celebrities that had it tough from the beginning-Learn something from it, work hard and surely, you will also make it.

12.Dr. Osei Kwame Despite

“I was Only A Cassette Seller, Sometimes, I think All these things happening to me is a Dream” – Osei Kwame Despite , CEO of Despite group of companies( Owners of Peace fm,UTV, Okay fm, Neat fm , Hello fm, Neat Fufu,Special Ice mineral water and drinks, Best point financial services.

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He is largely regarded as a successful entrepreneur, but few people know the grace from grass humble beginnings story of the soft-spoken Chief Executive.

After years of painful struggle in the village to make it in life, he joined other friends to seek greener pastures in Lagos, Nigeria.

He returned home to Ghana in 1983 with millions of other Ghanaian refugees who had been forced to flee Nigeria due to the political tension in the West African country.

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And guess what? He returned from Nigeria with only a chainsaw machine and a trident cassette player.

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