Guys; She is a $ex addict if she shows these 6 Signs

Signs A Woman Is A $ex Addict | woman loses her virginity

6 Signs A Woman Is A $ex Addict

One thing some guys have failed to realize is that , ladies also experience problems of $ex addiction,tho there is a general misconception that it is only men who go through that. brings to you some of the signs that shows your woman is a $ex addict and she might end up causing you a lot of problems. Perhaps, you just need to see the movie ‘Addicted’ to understand the type of mess that you will end up in.

1.She is always in a relationship

This type of of a $ex addicted lady is always in a relationship. Her previous relationships continue to push forward a new series of relationships with another man.

It’s not so much that she needs the genuine warmth and security of a relationship. She is expecting something out of it and that is $ex.

2. $ex is a drug

For all the pain, anxiety, and problems, the only drug that works for her is $ex. She can not forget it. It’s the answer to everything. Not even talking or getting advice will help.

3. $ex everywhere

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No matter what you say to her, she will probably twist the meaning or always allude to $ex . She will attach every conversation with that which eventually leads to bonking.

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