I need help-Slay Queen who has slept with 130 men weeps on online

Slay Queen

A young lady who has slept with an unprecedented number of men has taken to social media to weep about her inability to settle down with one man now that she wants to marry.

According to the lady, she has slept with 130 different men throughout her lifetime and no man is willing to stay with her when they find out of her past life.

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The lady who wrote her life story to social media relationship blogger Joro Olumofin explained that she had a very rough child growing so she always preferred to stay go out of the house at a young age.

With time, she started sleeping with men at a very young age and she loved it. It got to a tie she became addicted and always preferred to get out and sleep with men.

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Now that she has left that life behind, any man who comes into her life and wants to marry her leave after he finds out her promiscuous lifestyle in the past.

The young lady claims she can not understand why men can not see past her past life but if she was a man, this wouldn’t have been any big deal to other women; in fact, she would have been praised. The young lady claims she wants help to overcome this relationship problem she is going through.


Slay Queen who has slept with 130 men needs help

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Your past can easily catch up with you anytime. Tread carefully and be conscious of your every action.

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  1. I slept with 130 men. The saying that, a well defined problem is half answered applies here; you know your problem and you are looking for answers. The problem is spiritual and needs the power of Christ to deal with it. If you are a church goer and living this way, then come before the throne of grace and confess your sins before him 1John 1;9 proverbs 28;13 psa 32;1-2 Heb9;14. Get on your knees and confess with your mouth, all the sins you have committed against the lord and then ask for the washing of the blood of Jesus. command every relics or remnants of sin deposited in you to be washed away by the blood of Jesus.
    WARFARE PRAYERS;LUKE 10;19 PHIL2;9-11 ROM8;31-34 REV 12;11.Command the spirit husband in you to separate itself from you and cover yourself in the blood of Jesus.2 I disconnect myself from every covenant i have made with the evil forces that connects me to the evil world in Jesus name.3.Evil forces fighting my life and destiny, be destroyed now in Jesus name.4.My life receive the baptism of the holy ghost fire now in Jesus name.5.My God given husband, move towards me and manifest now in Jesus name.7. Satanic agents appearing as husbands, catch fire now in Jesus name.7.Jesus, son of David, visit and reveal to me the things I need to know for my life to fulfill heaven’s purpose.
    Get the prayer book known as prayer rain by DR. D.K. Olukoya and pray vigorous prayers from it.
    I wish you well; the world’s system is a bait and a quick way to leave this world in woes;love not the world nor the things of the world 2John2-14-17 1Peter 1;16-16.
    You have given yourself to the enemy willing or unwillingly, and he would not allow you freedom on a silver platter; you need to fight and fight vigorously; add fasting to your prayers, where you do not see results as intended Matthew 17;21


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