Socrate Sarfo allegedly Shaving actress’ pubic hairs and 8 other damning things the Tourism, Arts & Culture deputy ministerial lobbyist is known for

A brief History of the ministry of  Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts

The ministry was created in 1993 to promote, develop and coordinate tourism related activities in the country.In 2003, under H.E John Kufuor administration the ministry’s name was changed to the Ministry of Tourism and Modernization of the Capital city.

In 2009, the John Atta Mills administration reverted the name of the ministry back to the Ministry of Tourism. The ministry has thus had four name changes since its creation.

Finally,the ministry has had a change of name to Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts in 2013.Since the merge or addition of the creative arts has brought some sort of attention to the ministry.Of course,it will,entertainers and creative people just like those in sports are “noise makers” and always want to make their case known.

The ministry from it’s existence have had some extensive scrutiny from those within the entertainment industry.Sooner than later I expect the ministry to become a very hot and difficult to handle just like the sports ministry. You need to satisfy a lot of people to succeed which is not easy at all.

However, one thing that has caught the attention of all and sundry is the quest for who to deputize Hon. Catherine Afeku who is the minister designate for Tourism, Arts & Culture.

People are lobbying , some are aspiring. This lobbying strategy or campaigning for the post is becoming fierce each passing day. There has been name calling , insults,character assassination, just for one to become a deputy minister.

As usual , I was scrolling through my timeline on facebook and I found one post by Nii Ayite Hammond (who is in the arts and works for Chatter House) about the Film maker Socrate Sarfo.

Some of the things I read ( which you are coming to read) about the film maker lobbying to become the deputy minister was so unpalatable, and at a point amusing at the same time. And brings them for your own reading pleasure.

He wrote;

“on the ongoing social media campaign by entertainment journalists for Socrate Sarfo to be made the Deputy Minister for Tourism, Arts & Culture, writes, ” I read this on a privileged platform and thought I need to share.
It’s always been said that our actions today, could affect our fortunes or otherwise tomorrow.
Is our industry divided over a nomination? Yes. Are people at each others throats (figuratively) over a nomination? Yes! Why?

Well, here’s what I (Nii Ayite Hammond) think.

Socrate Safo is a fine gentleman known by many for some, if not all of the following reasons”;

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1. A film maker once alleged to have shaved the private parts of his cast and known to give his movies seemingly controversial titles like ‘Hot Fork’ (Yes oooo. The cutlery, not what some think…)

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