10 Celebrities In Africa Who Have Been Rumored As Gayy/Lezbian

Ten(10) Celebrities In Africa Who Have Been Rumored As Gay/Lezbian
Gay And Lesbian Celebrities in Africa

Gay And Lezbian Celebrities in Africa – For every rumor that you hear there is, at least, an iota of truth in it, of late, there have been so many African celebrities who have been indicted for being Gayy,Lezbian or even bis3xual.

But as we all know, rumors are just rumors but not all of these big celebrities have come out to clear the air.

Some of them are okay with what the media is saying about them whilst others have come out on so many occasions to clear their names, however, stories about these rumored African gays or lezbians celebrities are still spreading throughout the web.

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From the dawn of time, rumors about the s*xual orientation of many celebrities have always been on the lips of people and also making the headlines of major new tabloids.

Ghpage.com brings you 10 African celebrities rumored as gay, Lezbian or bis3xual


Judith Nyambura Mwangi, better known by her stage name Avril, is a Kenyan actress, songwriter, singer, and entertainer. A lot of music lovers in Kenya suspected her to be a lezbian based on the fact that she normally promotes homos3xuality through her songs.

Rumors about her being a lezbian became a reality when intimate photos of her and her lezbian lover leaked online.


2. IK Ogbonna

Ik Ogbonna has been called a gay on so many occasions by different people but he has denied it severally. Ogbonna refuted the gay rumors linked to his name when he was the guest at the Pulse TV studio.

The talented actor who is now dating a Colombian girl said the rumors were totally ridiculous and also stated that he likes beautiful women with curves.

IK Ogbonna


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