These are the 10 movies that really Scared you as a child

Did you ever see a movie as a child that really messed you up? Did it leave you with an irrational fear of wardrobes, quicksand or bunnies? Oh gosh, did you ever see Karishika? Okay what about the Last Burial,Blood money and so on ans so forth.

Interestingly , all these movies are Nigerian movies. That was the time different genres of their movies were trooping into the country which spread like wildfire. The actors in the Nigerian movies were our idols and admirers.

Aside their love movies which featured Genevieve Nnaji,Ramsey Noah and co, one aspect of their act that made Nigerian movies stand out and very popular was the “horror scenes” which usually portrayed witchcraft and dark magic, the African way.

That genre of their movies were so scary and it literally “destroyed” our – the movies made us hide behind the couch, left us terrified of water or plunged us into deep existential torment at age 6 through to our teens.

We couldn’t be alone in a room as we believed these movies haunted us. reminds you some of these movies that scared us (you ) back in the day.


The scariness of this movie still look fresh in my mind,lol Karishika ? ..hmmm.. the song goes like “Karishika, Karishika, Queen of evil-2x”.It was the queen mother of all the scary movies in Nigeria.


2. Issakaba

I watched this movie again not long ago and the story didn’t make sense to me now as an adult.In the movie, there is no constitutional law but was about justice in a village full of violence and terror.

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