These Are The Top Ten(10) Most Powerful Women In Ghana Now

These Are The Top Ten(10) Most Powerful Women In Ghana Now
Most Powerful Women In Ghana

POWERFUL WOMEN IN GHANA – Women in Ghana has achieved a lot in this last Republic. Its no news before the 1992 political dispensation. women were not much acknowledge for their great contribution towards the development of Ghana be it politics, entertainment or education.

But since then, Ghana can mention names of a whole lot Ghanaians like Mrs Konadu Agyemang Rawlings etc who did not fall short in raising the standard for all women in Ghana to achieve their dreams.

In today Ghana, other women are equally doing great deeds in their fields are are dully recognize for it. They are very powerful to contend with and very influential in their field of practice. They also serve as role model to the young girls who aspires for greater height. brings to its readers 10 powerful Ghanaian women who are recognized in their field of practice.

1) Ama Emefa Edjeami-Afemu

Ama Emefa Edjeami-Afemi is a Brigadier General of the Ghana Army. She goes down in history as the very first woman to hole dthe tittle of brigadier general.

She has also served as the Deputy Milliatry Advisor to Ghana Permanent Mission in New York. Constance Ama Emefa Edjeami-Afemi is one of the most powerful women in Ghana today.

Ama Emefa Edjeami-Afemu

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2) Georgina Theodora Wood

Mrs Georgina Theodora Wood is the Chief Justice of Ghana. She was approved by the the parliament of Ghana to filled the chief justice position on on 1st June 2007. And she is one of the most powerful women in Ghana now.

She is the first woman to ever fill the position of chief justice in Ghana’s Judial system. She is so much respected and admired for her formidable brain in legal issues.

Georgina Theodora Wood


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