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10 Things to consider when choosing a life partner

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Marriage is a journey and choosing a life partner for such a journey can be a very daunting task.

Knowing exactly what you are looking for can be even harder because you have to select the right partner in order to live a happy married life.

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Below are 10 things you have to put into consideration when choosing a life partner;

1. Find someone who respects you

Respect is very essential in maintaining a good relationship and it’s difficult to live your life with someone who disrespects you or downplays your ambitions in life.

Find a partner who gives you the maximum respect and also respects all other aspects of your life.

2. Being comfortable with each other

When choosing a life partner, it’s important to note that you must feel comfortable to be your true self.

You should be free to have fun around this person, free to laugh, joke, play and just be silly sometimes.

They should be someone with whom there is no judgment, someone who you can fully trust with your deepest secrets and dreams.

3. Have a great friendship

Having a successful married life starts with a good friendship. There must be a great bond of friendship and later nurture it into a relationship.

Friendship is really important in choosing a life partner.

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4. Sharing similar interests and goals

When choosing a life partner, ensure you have similar interests. Being able to do things together that you both enjoy will promote a happy sustainable relationship.

Additionally, sharing similar life goals is vital for long-term relationship growth and commitment. However, there should be room for compromise and flexibility considering it’s unrealistic to expect your potential partner to have the exact life goals as yourself.

5. Choose an honest partner 

A relationship without honesty and trust will eventually fail. Choose a partner who is trustworthy and honest.

6. Ability to cope with your family

Your family will always be a key support system in your life. They can tell if your prospective life partner is suitable or unsuitable for you.

If your partner cannot cope with most of your family members, chances are he or she is not the right one.

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7. Assess the intellectual level of your partner.
If you are a high achiever and aggressive in pursuing your dreams, consider a person with the same attributes.
Choosing a laid-back person could cause problems in your relationship. Both of you must view things and reason almost from the same standpoint.

8. Anger Management skills

Also, when choosing a life partner you must know how your partner reacts to anger. A relationship involves two people with unique personalities and at times you might have ugly arguments in which negative emotions are high.

You might say hurtful things about one another but watch how your partner reacts to anger issues.

If your prospective life partner cannot handle anger well the situation can get out of control when you get married.

9. Being able to forgive and forget

Your partner must be able to easily forgive and forget. Arguments are deemed to occur in every relationship.

Love does not revolve only around sex, kissing and other intimate actions. Make sure you find a partner who does not keep dwelling on disagreements that happened in the past.

10. Attraction.

Even though many fail to admit it, physical attraction is often the first thing that draws us to someone. This is not surprising considering we are visual creatures. However, that being said, once we get past the outer appearance, we are able to further see the whole person.

A person who has empathy, integrity, and who is kind and respectful possess additional qualities that extend beyond their physical appearance.

However, when searching for a perfect partner you must first be happy with yourself, have self-love and know that you deserve better.

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