5 things every woman really wants from her man during s*ex

Things every woman wants from her man during love making

The fine art of lovemaking involves more than just actual intercourse; it takes a little extra effort on the part of the man to make sure he is keeping his woman satisfied.And there are things every woman wants from her man during lovemaking.

While most men focus on their own pleasure to the detriment of their lover, we are starting to learn that this could actually have a negative effect on the relationship in the long run with issues like her losing interest in lovemaking and even running into the arms of another man.

Wondering the simple ways you can make your woman just as happy as you are every time you make love? These 5 tips should guide you:

1. Be romantic


A lot of Ghanaians or African men just don’t care about this and we don’t know why considering it goes a long way in making the process memorable for a woman.

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It is not that hard really just throw in a little something extra – get her flowers, a nice bottle of wine, chocolates, good music, tell her how beautiful she is, you know, all those kind of things women like and want to hear.

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Romance is important guys, don’t you watch movies? Abi you count all those ones as film trick too? Upgrade your game fast and make that woman happy wae! To learn how to do all that, and probably if you are not that strong in b*ed just CONTACT (0501140144 ) for your “strong man supps”-You know what I mean ..lol

2. Never skip f.oreplay


Dear guys, here is a little secret you may not know – foreplay is just as important as s*ex for a woman!

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Yes, believe it or not, skipping foreplay could be the start of your failure as a good lover, don’t be in too much hurry to ‘remove p*ant’…aaba!

Take your time, k*iss that woman in many ways and places, touch her till and make her shiver until she begs you to take her, make her want you just as much as you want her.

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Foreplay is a lot of fun and it helps give her a sneak peek of what to expect, just like a delicious appetizer that prepares you for the main dish, if you mess it up, you better have a good ‘main dish’ waiting for her when the main thing starts, or else you are just a waste of time. Get some natural remedies to make sure your m*anhood worth her time;Call or ({save these numbers, as you might need it}0501140144 )

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