6 things Ghanaian ladies say and do if they like a guy

With the kind of Cultural systems we have and what comes with it— It sort of prevent Ghanaian ladies from openly saying that they like a guy and would want to date him.

However,there are several things Ghanaian ladies say if they like a guy.

Few ladies would gather that courage to do such a thing.Very few.

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They, however, adopt some skills and kind of ingenious ways of sending the message across which in most cases any smart guy will notice the intentions behind those actions.

Therefore; There are many but here are 6 things you will hear if a Ghanaian lady likes you as compiled by GhPage.com

1. “Abi you dawg me”

They surely want to hear from you more often.Better start calling them if you are interested.

2. “Have you eaten?”

They ask as if they have some meals waiting for you if you say no. It shows they care.

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