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10 Things you should not tell a lady on the first date

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First dates are mostly when efforts are made to ask about each other and know if they can be together in a relationship.

First dates are usually exciting, it can turn out to be perfect or can easily go wrong by saying or doing the wrong things.

First dates are highly important as they may lead to a romantic relationship. If you want your first date to turn out into a good relationship, there are definitely some things you shouldn’t say to a lady.

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My Last relationship was the worst

There is no need talking about your previous relationship that didn’t work. It’s inappropriate because it makes you look selfish and immature.

It also prevents you from enjoying your current date. Don’t go about how you were wronged and cheated on because it can ruin what could be your next one.

I still love my ex

This is an honest thing for you to say but it means you are not ready for a new relationship.

Try as much as possible to get over your previous relationship first before you think of going on another date.

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Asking for a sleepover

Asking a lady for a sleepover on the first date means you want to have sex this second which puts your date in an awkward situation.

Even if both of you like each other and want to keep on dating, it would be more fun and safer to get to know each other better.

Such a request will make your date feel you consider her as a ‘Cheap’ and easy-going girl which could also end your end on a bad note.

Telling Lies

On the first date, be yourself and be honest. Don’t be tempted to beautify any part of your life to make you look good in your date’s eyes.

Be honest and if she cannot accept you for who you are, then she is not for you. It will really look bad if they catch you later in a lie.

“You are not my type”

Telling a lady on a first date that she is not your type is inappropriate as it doesn’t make you a gentleman.

It’s better to keep your comment and after the date drift away slowly or find a nice way of telling her.

Saying “I Love You”

It is really not suitable to tell a lady you love her on the first date. At this moment you don’t know much about her to feel that way.

Saying that on a first date is sometimes a ‘turn off’ for most girls. Take your time and get to know each other better.

Proposing Marriage 

This should be avoided on the first date. Your date might possess the qualities of a good wife and you wouldn’t want to let go but posing such a question on a first date is a turn off for most girls.

One should be very careful when making such a vital decision, so take your time and enjoy your date.

“Do You Love Me”

Asking such a question on the first date is inappropriate. Love is a big deal for most ladies and wouldn’t want to sound or look desperate.

Just avoid asking such questions.

Ever thought about losing a few pounds

No one likes to be criticized or body shamed. If their body size, hair colour or clothes bother you just find a nice way of saying it.

It is very mean and impolite to say that to your date especially on the first date.

Don’t brag 

No one likes a person who brags a lot and is so full of himself. There is no need telling your date how much money you make, the cars you have and the number of houses you possess.

Its a turn off for most ladies. Let her find it out herself.

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The purpose of the first date is the same as the purpose of any subsequent days. It’s an opportunity for the two people to meet.

However, the first date is often used to screen potential dating candidates. Because they set the tone for the relationship, first dates are highly important.

On your first date, don’t panic, show off your great personality, have a sense of humour and be confident.

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