1Things You Should NEVER Tell Your Partner While Making L0ve – Take Serious Note Of #6

Se.x is an integral part of marriage. It not only fulfills the bond between to people but it brings pleasure and fulfillment to both partners.

Relationship in this era is now a tricky thing. People are afraid of ending up with the wrong type of partner so whether we approve of it or not, you can’t take se.x out of relationships in this modern days relationship.

But something that is supposed to bring pleasure fulfillment and strengthen the bond two people is fast becoming the tool destroying the union.

Although the act itself is paramount, some of the things that happen in during the act can kill the mood or elevate the mood.

Some things are better left unsaid, especially during se.x. Ghpage has compiled a list of what you should avoid saying to your partner in bed.

Are you done yet

Where are you rushing off to? Keep calm and enjoy the ride. No one needs that kind of pressure. Wait for him to finish when he’s ready, he waited for you right? Rushing an orgasm is just bad manners.

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You want to do what?

Surely there will be things that he suggests for you to try that you’re not comfortable with. Don’t completely turn him down, rather ask that you do it differently.

My ex used to it like this

Nobody wants to hear about exes – period. It will just raise eyebrows about the relationship – you might still have with your ex. Besides, there’s a reason you two broke up.


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