This girl is too rude: Read Yvonne Nelson’s cheeky response to a fan who begged her for support

This girl is too rude: Read Yvonne Nelson’s cheeky response to a fan who begged her for support

Yvonne Nelson 8 out of 10 times is always in the news for the wrong reasons. If she is not being bashed for skin bleaching, she is the talk of time concerning relationship scandal

Not long ago the same person was in the news for alleging the CEOs in Ghana are only interested in taking celebrities out to lunch and that they don’t really offer the needed help the movie industry needs.

For someone preaching the virtue of giving, it came as a shock when she gave a cheeky answer to a request a fan of her’s made on behalf of his younger brother.

I_am_syrup, a die-hard fan of the actress replied to a tweet by the talented actress telling her he needs support to pay for his younger brother’s school fees. Miss Yvonne the lady who has been lamenting that the industry is being starved and that she needs well-wishers to donate told I_am_syrup to go and tell Nicki Minaj.

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I admit, that the fan could be lying, joking or even trying her patience. And I also admit that the way He asked her was not the best of ways. But for Yvonne Nelson to give such cheeky response tells how much she values “giving” herself. Very unfortunate.

She was bold enough to mention Nicki Minaj because Nicki broke the internet  2 days ago by paying for several students tuition fees on Twitter. It could have been Yvonne Nelson beeing praised today, But she doesn’t like “Giving”.


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