GhPageEntertainmentTinny has been f.ucking Yolo's Fella Makafui "since the 80's" and their...

Tinny has been f.ucking Yolo’s Fella Makafui “since the 80’s” and their recent Video brouhaha was all staged and have all the details

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Tinny has been f*ucking Yolo’s Fella Makafui “since the 80’s” and their recent Video brouhaha was all staged to re-surge Tinny’s “dead” career

Well, if you are new to Yolo the series, then let me briefly explain this “since the 80’s” so you don’t get confused. It is a figurative term used by one character, Psycho in the series to portray something that happened long ago.

Now, back to the substantive subject. A few days ago published an article that Tinny betrayed YOLO Actress Fella Makafui, went on to Release her old T0pless VIDEO upon an agreement that the video will be re-shot. Do not need to write all that here again, you can catch up here: Tinny betrays YOLO Actress Fella Makafui— Releases her old T0pless VIDEO & Here’s all you need to know

Ghana is a small community with a population of “just” 25million people.So I always say, someone, you wish to meet in your life might be so close or related to another close friend of yours.Small world.

However, credible information reaching is that, Fella Makafui has been dating Tinny for a long time.According to our source, they started going out when Fella was only 17 years.

I wasn’t surprised and that was not even news to me because as an entertainment enthusiast, I know Tinny has 4 Kids With 3 different Women.And so “they’ve (Fella and Tinny ) been f*ucking and so what”?

Tinny with one of the women and his Kid

But what I find intriguing and why I paid attention to the source was the “holier than thou” attitude that Fella portrayed when the supposed video got leaked.( Leaked? That’s according to Tinny.) Which were all staged and planned out.

Look, after watching the video I found something fishy. First of all, it wasn’t as explicit as Fella wanted us to believe. Have you not seen it still? Watch it in this post.

Moreso, the plot to generate a story and a buzz around the release of the video to at least generate some controversy to help resurge Tinny’s “dead” career.

According to what was told, all these “choreographic-staged” betrayals took place at Tinny’s residence at Haatso( a suburb of Accra). The source showed us several messages which confirmed .Fella’s role was clearly spelled out to make it look like she was betrayed.

Reaching Fella Makafui for her reaction, declined to speak to the issue.That was not a problem for us, and if I may quote songo ” Ogya no hye wo a, wo b3 ba” ( Which literally means, “If the fire burns you , you will come yourself” ).

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