Becca and husband, Tobi Sanni Daniel

One of the revelations made by Becca’s mother during her interview to clarify the witch accusations from Becca’s mother was the shocking statement that Becca’s husband told her to her face he has cut Becca off from her; her own mother.

According to Mrs. Juliana Yiadom-Oti, she was relegated to a common floor member during Becca’s wedding even though she had traveled from London just to be part of her daughter’s big day.

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After they introduced Becca’s stepmother as her biological mother, she nearly walked out of the wedding but she restrained herself in order not to destroy Becca’s big day.

After the wedding, she went to Tobi Sanni Daniel, Becca’s husband to find out what happened. That was when her own son-in-law told her “he does not want anyone to give Becca pressure so he has cut her off from Becca.”

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The woman claims she was shocked to her bone but she later found out Becca cease being in touch with most of her friends since she met Tobi.

Mrs. Juliana Yiadom-Oti added that she has never spoken with Becca for the past one year. She has even been denied access to see Becca’s newborn girl. Allegedly, Tobi claims Becca’s mother is a witch.

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Reacting to the witch allegation, Mrs. Juliana Yiadom-Oti revealed that she gave birth to Becca at the age of 15 years. If she was a witch she would have killed her then and continue with her school.

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She wouldn’t have taken care of her for her to grow into a beautiful woman for Tobi Sanni Daniel to marry her and then turn around to call her a witch.

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