Photos: Top 10 Best Paid African Footballers In The World Currently And How Much They Earn A Week

Africa’s contribution to European football cannot be underrated. The quality and the talent of these African players in the game on the field has placed them among the most valuable and well-paid players in the world.

Most of them were not on the list but their recent contract and signings have earned them a huge amount of money while others recent earnings have been reduced because of their performance and have made them fall from the list.

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In this below list, take you through the top paid African players in the world currently with the amount they earn every week.

#10. BROWN IDEYE(£61,000)

Top 10 Best Paid African Footballers In The World Currently

Brown Ideye is a Nigerian and Tianjin TEDA striker, Brown became one of the top paid African Footballers and earned a huge amount of a week salary(£61,000) when he joined Tianjin TEDA from Olympiakos in February 2017.

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