Top 15 Highest Paid African Presidents and their Salaries

Highest Paid African Presidents and their Salaries

Politics within the years has become a very lucrative career.Most leaders especially from the African continent think it is the quickest way to be rich.This is because ,some political leaders are not only powerful, but also rich.

Today’s African political leaders make plenty of money in a continent where,where some of the citizens per capita income or many live below $2 per day.

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Ideally ,Politicians are expected to be fair and objective; and their prime objective is to be dedicated to serve the society. They should be accountable for their actions. They need to think globally and act locally. brings to you the top 15 highest paid African presidents, according to Jeune Afrique and MyWage. These reflect just their base salary.

15. Ali Bongo Ondimba- President of Gabon ($65,000 per year)

Highest Paid African Presidents and their Salaries

Ali Bongo Ondimba,the president of Gabon was elected into office since October 2009. His annual income is $65,000.Bongo is the son of Omar Bongo, who was President of Gabon from 1967 until his death in 2009

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In 2010,it was reported by Daily Mail that the president spent a whopping $129 million (£85m) on a lavish townhouse in Paris.

This resource-rich African country Gabon is the fifth largest oil producer in sub-Saharan Africa and is the sixth most developed African nation.

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The nation’s HDI ,that’s human development index has improved in recent years and the president is working towards diversifying the economy, creating jobs, building capacities and introducing social safety nets. Average income of Gabon is around $18 per day.

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