Top five Most Educated US Rappers

Lil Wayne and Kanye West

Top five Most Educated US Rappers

Interestingly , many people have the believe that, rappers are school drop-out and perhaps do not have any formal education whatsoever.Well, not all are educated tho but most of them are also educated.Thus , I bring you the Top five Most Educated US Rappers

Some have attained a higher level of education and have all the certificates you can think of.Talk of Ghana’s rap sensation M.anifest–

He has a masters in Economics to his educational belt among others.

That should tell you that , the mindset of hopelessness and uneducated people turned -rappers  should be a thing of the past.

Now,let’s take a look at some of the top rappers that have attained a higher level of education.



Ludacris is not  just a rapper but additionally an enterpriser. At the Georgia State University,he attained a degree in music management .

The degree has positively helped distressful tha Peace, a record label he co-founded. He’s concerned in many ventures that embody Soul by Ludacris headphones, and Conjure brandy.

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