Top Six(6) Nigerian Celebrity Divorces That Shocked Not Just Nigerians But The Whole Africa

Nigerian Celebrity Divorces – They are celebrities and their earth-shaking wedding ceremonies happened right before our eyes. Videos and their beautiful pictures kept flooding the social media

Unfortunately, when their marriages crumbled unexpectedly after a short while, it was also followed with so much scandal, noise and most people, especially fans who see them as their idols, were left in wonder and amazement.

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6. Princess and Adeshola Jeremiah

Comedienne, Princess, was on top of the world when she was getting married. She was so excited that she even reportedly said,

“I am so happy I’m now getting married, I can now proudly wear iro and buba like a Nigerian woman…God bless that young man that picked me and decided to pity me and marry me when I had given up all…I am saying this because I want you all to hear it, God bless him for me for covering up my shame.”

But her marriage to Adeshola was probably the shortest among the list as it packed up almost at the beginning. Not much is known about why the marriage broke up but Princess would always pin it down on ‘Irreconcilable differences’.Interesting

Princess and Adeshola Jeremiah

5. Tiwa Savage and Tunji Tee-Billz Balogun

Theirs looked like a match made in heaven; at least that was the picture they painted on social media.

So beautiful did their love seem that rap artiste, Ice Prince, in his song, That Could be Us, praised the couple’s love and told his potential girlfriend that their relationship could be like Tiwa and Tunji’s…woow!!

However, everyone(fans and their friend celebrities) got the shock of their lives when Tee Billz went on his Instagram page to rant and tell tales of his wife’s alleged infidelity among other things. In retaliation, Tiwa Savage granted a no-hold-barred interview where she claimed that her husband was not only a cheat but was an irresponsible man who stole from her.

Although other entertainers have pleaded with both parties to let peace reign for the sake of their son, Jamil, Tiwa has made it known that the marriage is over. But recently there have been rumours the couple are getting back together.

Tiwa Savage and Tunji Tee-Billz Balogun


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