Most men should realize that the breast,v*gina, and the butt are not the only erogenous places that get women in the ecstatic mood.

True, they are very sensitive but there are equally sensitive body parts of women that they are dying for men to know and touch too.

So, if you really want your lady to get into the mood, then stimulates her other body part. If you touch these parts during the ‘action’ or foreplay— she will quickly get into the mood and feel special.

Think no more of a women’s chasm, and get to know the erogenous spots that will bring more excitement to your lady. brings you six body parts ladies want you to touch that will blow their minds.

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1. Hair 

Men are always attracted to women’s gorgeous looks. The more reason why some women pay a particular attention to their hairstylist look.

Hair wash, color, cut and styling these processes may be a quite stressed reliever. Running your fingers smoothly through her hair is a proper way to send tingles down her spine

2. CollarBone


Collarbone is a very sensitive part in the body. So why not display your best for this beauty with touching and kissing?

Pay attention to this anatomy allotment while she’s still absolutely clothed, unbuttoning her shirt aloof abundant to acknowledge the clavicle and no further.

You should come back on this part when the clothes have fully disappeared as well to remind her of the anticipation it create when you started there.


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