Tracey Boakye’s mother shed tears ahead of her daughter’s marriage

Tracey-Boakye-Frank and Tracey's mother
Tracey-Boakye-Frank and Tracey's mother

The mother of Tracey Boakye sent her daughter off to marriage in an emotional manner.

At Tracey Boakye’s bridal shower, the bride’s mother shed a tear as she sent her daughter off to marriage.

Like every mother in Ghana, she was filled with joy as she watched her daughter get ready for her wedding.

The mother of Tracey Boakye spoke at the bridal shower and prayed for her as she embarked on her new life as a bride.

She shed tears as she bid her cherished daughter, who would soon wed, farewell.

The mother prayed that Tracey Boakye would find true love and not go back to being alone.

Watch the video below:

The marriage between Tracey Boakye and Frank Badu comes of today but as readers are already informed it’s strictly by invitation.