Vivian Jill subtly responds to Afia Schwar’s insults

Vivian Jill subtly responds to Afia Schwar's insults
Vivian Jill subtly responds to Afia Schwar's insults

Fowling Afia Schwar’s heavy insults and name-calling about two days ago, actress Vivian Jill has subtly reacted to the slander by revealing that she doesn’t have time for an internet feud.

In a self-made video that triggered a lot of mixed reactions from Ghanaians, Afia Schwar, blasted Vivian Jill and told her without mincing words to stop the childless and pointless tantrums because she’s the cause of her separation with Frank who is now Tracey Boakye’s husband.

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As alleged by Afia Schwar, Vivian Jill was secretly cheating on Frank and had a child in the process and that’s why their relationship turned sour after 10 solid years – Forcing the German-based Kumawood actor to set eyes on Tracey Boakye.

After throwing light on why Frank broke up with Vivian Jill, Afia Schwar proceeded to claim that Frank was seeing Tracey Boakye before he met Vivian so she should shut up and leave her goddaughter alone.

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Vivian Jill has shared a new video of enjoying herself like a boss and class lady.

This video indirectly communicates that she’s a wise woman who won’t dirty herself on the internet with a contemptuous person like Afia Schwar.

The caption she attached to the video reads; “My goal is to live a calm, contented and a peaceful life ……so help me GOD

Afia Schwar’s attempt to force Vivian Jill into the boxing ring with her has hit the rocks and might never happen.

Vivian Jill is a very sensible lady who will never go low to the uncouth level of Afia Schwar and her cohorts.