Watch Video: A 5 year old child is dead because the parents refused blood transfusion

A video has been trending on Social media alleging that a child has died in Ga West Municipal hospital, Ghana, West Africa because the parents were too poor to buy the blood needed for her transfusion.

5 year old child is dead because the parents refused blood transfusion
Dead girl being carried by the father

In the video, the father of the dead child is seen holding the dead girl.He is heard accusing the Hospital administration of allowing the baby to suffer and intentionally killing his child.

He explained He bought the blood needed for the transfusion from a different hospital at a cost of GH200 yet she was refused the transfusion.

5 year old child dies because the parents refused blood transfusion
Ga West Municipal Hospital

BUT contrary to these accusations, Komla Klutse a senior editor with TV3 network in Ghana,has a different perspective to the whole saga.

He investigated the issue and posted his findings on facebook today.
He Posted:

I have seen this video trending sooo bad on social media.Ordinarily I wouldn’t have commented or said anything about this.

I took the pain to investigate this story this morning after it occurred just on Sunday morning at 11:52 in the morning.

Here are the bare facts.

1. Name of the 5 year old child : Cynthia Boateng whose body was carried by the father Joseph Boateng.they arrived at the Ga West Municipal Hospital on Saturday around 8pm.

2. The child was diagnosed of acute malaria with multiple plasmodium parasites and needed blood transfusion. 

3 . Hospital admitted drip and some drugs to the child and informed parents transfusion was needed urgently.

4. Over 9 hours, the parents refused the transfusion on religious grounds because they are Jehovah Witness.

5. Parents agreed the following day at 11am for the transfusion, Childs blood type was however unavailable. An order was placed to the Nsawam Government hospital for the blood type.

6. Upon receiving the blood type, doctors realized the child could not make it. 

Conclusion: the child died because parents prevented the transfusion for over 9 hours.
Police and CHRAJ are currently investigating the matter. The child died simply because parents refused the transfusion on religious grounds.

Watch Video:


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