6 Right Ways To Apologise To That Special Person | You Can’t Ignore #5


A relationship is built on selflessness and the ability to realize one’s mistake when it happens.Mistakes are bound to happen if you are in a relationship but how you handle it shows your maturity level.

Many relationships have failed not just because of the popular “relationship evils” like cheating, mistrust, miscommunication etc. Inability to say sorry when you are wrong is a major reason for relationship failures.

Some people apologise when they are wrong. Unfortunately, they don’t do it right. others don’t show remorse at all because they have no idea how to apologise and do it right.

Ghpage.com will take her readers through the 6 main steps to apologise to that special person they have offended. Follow these steps and enjoy a healthy relationship with your partner


You can only apologise when you admit you erred. the first major step to reconciliation is to acknowledge you made a mistake but more importantly know what you did wrong.

This will send a message to that special person the apology being rendered means a lot to you and you have really thought things through.

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Don’t just apologise because you think you ought to apologise. Let it be sincere. If the apology is not sincere, he/she will see right through it. Let it be from your heart and let it be sincere.

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