We are purely marketers and don’t accept deposits-Menzgold UK

A look into the various Menzgold offices in the UK and details of their operation revealed that they act as marketers and a hub for the Ghana office.

According to one of their workers, Bernice who spoke to the interviewer, Desire Danso said they offer three products, which are the unrefined gold, the chip and the gold coins.

Menzgold Office,UK

Bernice added that, so far as you are 18 years and above and can prove how you make your money —then you are free to invest with them but the minimum one can invest as an investor is 0.5kg of gold which is equivalent to 20,000 pounds.

The dividend they provide in the UK, she said is 5% as compared to Ghana’s 10%.

When asked if they are registered or have the necessary documents to operate such kind of business in England, Bernice answered;

“The UK office is a hub for the Ghana office. We are not accepting any deposits or cash deposits in the UK. We are here purely as marketers. We are marketing the products and filling out paperwork and processing it and sending it off to Ghana- so Ghana has the final decision. So we are simply here as marketers. Nobody comes here and hands over cash to us in the UK.”

“If a client comes in and wants to buy gold, we can do all the paper works for you and send it off to Ghana. Should you wish to have your gold delivered to you in London, then we can facilitate that for you but we don’t have gold in the office, just situated here, no. That’s not possible.” Bernice continued.

Watch the video below;

This Desire Danso’s tour of the company’s London office which was to bring to viewers filming of everything comes after JoyNews’ editor Israel Laryea took a trip to their office at Berkeley house,May-fair which he filmed a couple of shots to make his report.

According to Israel, his cameraman couldn’t get an entry access because he hadn’t booked an appointment with the Gold vault company prior to his visit.

He explained that his mission in London was to have an executive course on Oil, gas and mining governance.

After finishing his course over the weekend and was set to return to Ghana on Wednesday, he took the rest of the spare days to cover two stories of public interest—the Kweku Adoboli’s and a visit to the Menzgold office in Mayfair, UK.

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