GhPageNewsWelcome to Ghana@60;Where Filth Is A Delicacy&Impunity And Insanity Is Rewarded~Rainbow Radio...

Welcome to Ghana@60;Where Filth Is A Delicacy&Impunity And Insanity Is Rewarded~Rainbow Radio Host

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Welcome to Ghana@60 Rainbow- Radio’s morning show host, Kwame Tutu has poured his heart out as Ghana prepares to mark her Diamond Jubilee (60th Anniversary). The host touching on a number of issues on his show Monday morning, wondered why an independent country like Ghana will depend on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for an economic bailout 60 years after colonization.

With the caption, ‘’Welcome To Ghana’’, the host touched on issues bothering on economic stability, sanitation, lawlessness, political intolerance, hate speech, impunity, corruption, failed leadership among key issues affecting and delaying the development of our beloved country, Ghana.

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The host said, ‘’Welcome to Ghana where we have not been able to fight sanitation and so we give out mosquito nets to prevent malaria. Welcome to Ghana where we enjoy living in filth and we buy mosquito coils to prevent malaria whereas we know that malaria is caused by filth.

Welcome to Ghana, where common communicable diseases like Cholera, malaria and others continue to kill Ghanaians. Welcome to Ghana where at 60, we depend on the IMF for a bailout.

Welcome to Ghana, where we reward impunity. Welcome to Ghana, where we allow foreigners including Indians and Americans to plough our lands and grow rice for us to eat.

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Welcome to Ghana, where lawlessness, insanity abounds with the police looking like a toothless bull dog. Welcome to Ghana, where we construct a residence for the Voice President at a cost of $ 14 million-Without people telling us the truth

Welcome to Ghana, where hunger has forced people to take decisions which they would not have ordinarily taken. Welcome to Ghana, where a man was awarded a GHc 50 million without working for it and a court ruled for him to pay back yet, we have failed to retrieve the money.

Welcome to Ghana, where a police officer was sacked over a recruitment scam but the public were not given any information on it. Welcome to Ghana, where judges receives bribes to free hardcore criminals and jail innocent souls.

Welcome to Ghana, where prisoners instead of being reformed, are rather allow to go through inhuman treatment. Welcome to Ghana, where a police officer could be pulled out of his car and assaulted by a vigilante group.

Welcome to Ghana, where a major sector of our economy is managed by foreigners. Welcome to Ghana, a beautiful nation where we have allowed galamsey (illegal mining) to destroy our water bodies. Welcome to Ghana, our beauty country at 60.’’

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