The wicked will die from their own wickedness- Fameye shades Ogidi Brown

Fameye Ogidi Brown
Fameye Ogidi Brown

Fameye and his former manager who doubles as the owner of the record label, OGB Music, are currently involved in somewhat a back and forth after the latter threatened to accurse the singer.

Apparently, Fameye owes Ogidi brown an estimated Ghc 50,000 after bolting from the label before the end of his contract.

While on the label, Peter Famiyeh Bozah famously known as Fameye was involved in a little altercation over the distribution of money from a European tour.

These issues were settled shortly afterward as the singer apologized but their relationship was never going to be the same as Fameye ended up leaving the label.

Nonetheless, Ogidi Brown has alleged that Fameye still owes him and should reimburse him or he would curse him to death.

He threatened to take him to the Antoa shrine and a recent picture confirms that he indeed went to the shrine.

Rumours have it that Fameye has been summoned to the Antoa shrine but till now the rapper has not honored it.

However, Fameye in a recent post on Instagram has thrown subtle shots at his former boss stating that he will die from his own wickedness.

In a post captioned in Twi reading, ”Bone b3kum bonefo)”, Fameye insinuated that Ogidi Brown would fall into the pit he himself has dug.


Fameye Ogidi Brown
Fameye Ogidi Brown

We are yet to see how the whole episode unfolds.