I will take legal action against King Promise- Yasmin Behzadi

I will take legal action against King Promise- Yasmin Behzadi

Dubai- based entrepreneur, Yasmin Behzadi has issued a threat to take legal action against fast-rising musician King Promise for neglecting her after nurturing his career.

In an interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM, she expressed regret for investing huge sums of money into King Promise career and not gaining recognition for her immense contribution.

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“I started the music career of King Promise. He was introduced to me by Sarkodie as Boy P and we later changed the name to King Promise. We met at a hotel and after listening to him, I felt he got the talent and I decided to sign him”, she disclosed.

Yasmin further stated that she registered a label known as YB records in the United Kingdom and later signed King Promise to that record label to build his career and push his music.

According to her, she spent $150,000 on shooting a high budget video in Dubai, travelling expenses, renting a nightclub for a day, New York producers and expensive cars. “I actually turned my house into a studio and bought some equipment for them to feel comfortable when recording”, she added.

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The Dubai-based entrepreneur also disclosed that King Promise started demanding huge sums of money to promote his songs after they met Killbeats to record some songs. She stated that he demanded  $100,000 which doesn’t make sense to her and after deciding not to meet to his demands, King Promise cut her off and started working with Killbeats.

“I have not received a dime for all my contributions. I can sue him for breach of contract because he is still signed to my record label. I know Killbeats and  Ohene are managing him and  I have no problem with that but you cannot forget who invested the initial money on him”.

She also stated that efforts to reach King Promise new management have proved futile and has kept her in the dark after shooting “Thank God” video which features Fuse ODG.

“I will definitely take legal action. I think anybody in my shoes will do the same thing. I didn’t find my money in the street. It’s a hard working money that I decided to invest in him because I wanted to make a change in his life”, she bemoaned.

She also sent a message to the youth and upcoming artiste to not be disloyal and ungrateful to people who have good intentions towards them. “When someone is trying to help you with good intentions, don’t take it for granted. At least, if you can’t return the favour, don’t be disloyal and ungrateful”, she concluded.

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  1. I thought this Lady left the Boy hanging and Killbeats took up his management…?
    she was interviewed by Bola ray sometimes which she claimed she,s doesn’t have anything business to do in Ghana again…
    Assuming Promise didn’t make a hit woukd she be coming out to make this allegations?
    Well, here is a the link to to the interview


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