It will take a man with 3 balls to dress like me in Ghana – Osebo


Richard Brown, popularly known as Osebo or Zaraman has revealed in an interview that it will take a man with 3 strong balls to dress like him in Ghana.

Osebo, the popular fashion ‘Lord’ has carved a niche for himself as one of the most outstanding fashionistas in the fashion world (industry), especially in Ghana.

His sense of fashion is far and way beyond the normal. He came not so long ago but he’s been able to stand tall, taking the lead as one of the sought after fashion expert.

One style that has recently shot his fame to the next level is his new way of dressing. Osebo is noted to dress the ‘abnormal’ way. Abnormal not in the negative context.

The Zaraman is well and easily identified with wearing the famous Scottish kilt which here in Ghana we call ‘Skirt’.

Speaking with Dave Hammer on Hello Fm’s ‘Entertainment Review’ Osebo said in recent times he has faced serious bash and insult on social media due to his new trend in dressing.

Further speaking on the show, he averred that so far none can be compared to him in terms of dressing because it will take a man with 3 balls to dress like him in Ghana.

Explaining his point, Osebo said his way of dressing is nothing new in view of the fact that the kilt dress he wears is nothing new as already some top Ghanaian personalities have rocked it to their various occasions.

Talking of Paul Adom Otchere of Metro TV, KKD (Ghanaian broadcaster, Master of Ceremonies, media, culture and tourism expert) and another host of prominent individuals.

He concluded adding that maybe he rocks it better in the ‘skirt’ as Ghanaians may call it that is why netizens talk about him the most.