Here Are The 10 World’s Richest People Of All Time| #7 Is An African And Bill Gates Is Not In The List

Worlds Richest People Of All Time

510 Worlds Richest People Of All Time| #7 Is An African And Bill Gates Is Not Among The List

Cornelius Vanderbilt

We all know Microsoft founder Bill Gates tops the Forbes World’s Billionaires list again with a net worth of $79.2B. Gates is followed by Mexican business telecom magnate Carlos Slim Helu who has a net worth amounting to $77.1B, trailed by American businessman Warren Buffet with a net worth of $72.7B.

In as much as their worth may seem unimaginable to ordinary people like us, do you know some people lived before them who had more wealth than these 3 billionaire combined…yea you heard me right. will take you through their profile today. Let us check them out.

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10. Cornelius Vanderbilt (Wealth: $185B)

You probably remember him from your history classes, or beside the fact that he founded Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. Cornelius Vanderbilt is an American businessman who established his empire by building railroads and shipping lines.

He began his business with one boat that served as a passenger ferry before eventually expanding his steamship company.During his time, Vanderbilt was known to accumulate an estimate of $185B. He died at age 82 in his home in Manhattan, leaving most of his wealth ($100B) to his son, William.

9. Alan Rufus (Wealth: 194B)

Alan Rufus, also known as Alan the Red, served his uncle William the Conqueror during the Norman conquest of England.During his service, Rufus was able to acquire a vast amount of land titles in England.

Rufus also commissioned the construction of the Richmond Castle and was known to be a generous donor of several religious structures. He died in 1090 at age 53 with a wealth that amounted to 7% of England’s GDP during his time; which at present, amounts to $194B.

Alan Rufus

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8. Henry Ford (Wealth: 199B)

One of the most popular icons in the US’ commerce history is industrialist and automobile manufacturer, Henry Ford. As you already know, he is the founder of Ford Motor Company, which makes him one of the greatest movers in the history of transportation.

Ford is known for introducing inexpensive cars that were affordable to the masses, as well as the use of assembly lines for production. Ford was born in a family that farmed for a living. He left home at age 16 to work as a machinist.

When he was 28 years old, Ford was an engineer in Thomas Edison’s company where he experimented with engines that ran on gasoline. At age 36, Ford began to establish his first automobile company only to experience bankruptcy and issues with his business partners for his following businesses;

until he was able to make a fortune with the Ford Motor Company along with his partners Alexander Malcomson and the Dodge brothers. In his lifetime, Ford is believed to have acquired a net worth of $199B.

Henry Ford
Henry Ford


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