Yas threatens to face off with King Promise in court

King Promise may now have to deal with an impending court case on his head after his former boss and business partner of Sarkodie Yasmin Behzadi popularly known as Yas responded to his comment.

Days ago, Yas in a phone-in interview on Accra-based Hitz FM revealed that he was the one that saw the potential in King Promise and invested into him but since he gained prominence in the music industry, he has failed to show an appreciation to her and the team that helped him and tagged him as ungrateful.

Management of King Promise who responded to the comment by Yas also alleged that during King Promise’ time with Yas, she called him out as a “Waste product” after she realized she was not making enough money from him.

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It also added that King Promise will always see Yasmin as his big sister and is very grateful to her for playing an instrumental role in building his music career.

Fast Forward,  Yasmin Behzadi came out again today, October 24 to respond to the statement and make more revelations. In an interview with Andy Dosty this morning on Hitz FM, she rubbished the claims that she described King Promise as a waste product. She questioned how she will calling him a waste product when she was investing so much into him.

“…how can I be calling him a waste product…a product I believed in…” and invested some much money in…” explaining that we are human and doesn’t have the right to call another man a waste product.

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She questioned King Promise if her advice to him to ensure he does not get any woman pregnant is what makes him feel that she treated him as he puppet.

The businesswoman in trying to prove to Andy Dosty that all her allegations were true forwarded to him text messages King Promise allegedly sent to her on Nov 8, 2016, in which he promised buying her a car as a gratitude for all her investments. In the said message, the musician also acknowledged what she had done for him and told her not to feel he was cutting her off.

Yasmin ended the interview by threatening to take King Promise to court.

“We are going to meet in court…if you want to be greedy….then the only option is to go to court,” she threatened.

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