Top 5 Reasons Why You Can Never Break Up With An Ewe Lady— Number 4 Will Shock You

You Can Never Break Up With Your Ewe Girl!; You Will Be Shocked By The Reasons

You Can Never Break Up With Your Ewe Girl!; You Will Be Shocked By The Reasons given for this as you take your time and read this article. Volta region, is one of the beautiful 10 regions of Ghana. Ewe people as they affectionately called in relation with the language of the land the “ewe people “.

Some men particularly from other tribes for some reasons known to them do not fancy dating and subsequently marrying ladies from the Volta region. But some men actually enjoy dating ewe girls (why wouldn’t they, they are

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Checks done by has revealed that you can never and will never in your right sense break up with an ewe girl when dating her. The reasons given by the guys who enjoy dating them will amaze you. Chaley!dem get correct reason too oo.


The end of goal of every relationship is to settle down with the love of your love. But guys can attest to the fact that not all girlfriends are wife materials. As guys normally say; we have “patopa” girls and the girls we take home to meet mummy, ewe girls fall in the later group because of their down to earth attitude. They are hard working in nature and absolutely respectful to towards their men. So guys, you want to settle down? ,date an ewe girl.

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  1. Well, you’re right to a larger extent and I want to add that there is one critical or let me say remarkable reason you overlooked. Due to their strong belief in the “pa-shew” nature of agbalagba in Eweland, most ewe ladies, I won’t say all, are faithful or not promiscuous.
    What I don’t know is if these observed qualities are still prevalent in our modern day Ghana.
    One regrettable fact, about ewe families is that they mistakenly lump all all Akan tribes together as Ashanti , and erroneously deny us from marrying these succulent and juicy d’avis, as a result of the long standing perceived looking down upon attitude by Ashanti. We have Kwahus, where I belong, Akims, where Nana Ado comes from and whose vast land are occupied by ewe and krobo settlers, aka pics fantes and nzemas as other akans. So next time give ‘us’ the chance to also benefit from reason number 6. Hahaaa.we are all Ghanaians. Bam

  2. Date an Ewe girl and prove your integrity to her family- it all depends upon your approach.
    If you’re confident enough to approach us and make us believe in you , you can then take it from there.
    You’ll be surprised to see how many of us Davis, are actually married to Akans- Ashantis,Ekuapems,Kwahus, Fantes. Times are changing and we no longer lump you together . Remember it takes bravery to win a war.

  3. I am British born I find ewe women are not as prejudiced against other Black peoples not from Ghana as those who reside in other parts of Ghana like Accra, the ewe women I have found are more willing to give you a chance. To see if your worth the effort obviously I can’t speak for all ewe women only the ones I have met so far extremely beautiful I have a few African American friends married to ewe women and the are very happy. I have also found them to be more understanding like their Fanti counterparts of the effects of the slave trade on the African Diaspora.

  4. Thanks.its a facts dat ewe ladies are very good in bed.dat i can atest.but d juju is wot make people shy away from them.according to findings


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