You’re a failure if sex is your priority in life-Counsellor Oduro

Renowned marriage counsellor, Mrs Charlotte Osei has opined that women who prioritize sex in their relationship or marriage are failures.

According to the counsellor, sex is purposely for married people but it’s unfortunate how society has made sex before marriage normal.

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The counsellor also added that since most women have had several sexual relationships when it’s time to settle down they look for men who are good in bed.

She further stated that every woman wants to find out if her man is good in bed before she settles down with him which is very bad and sinful.

“Sex is not showing love. Sex is not for those who are not married is for those who are married alone to enjoy. But now we have taken it easy where society says that you need to know if the man is good in bed before you settle down.

The issue is that we have tried so many men that is why we are choosy. If you want sex to be your priority in life, you are a failure”, Mrs Charlotte Oduro stated.

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Mrs Charlotte Oduro further stated that as a woman, if you want sex to be your priority in life, then you are a failure.

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