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You’ll have to stay with my mum for a year to learn how to take care of me before marriage- Tweep sparks controversy

tweep marriage controversy
tweep marriage controversy

A tweep has sparked controversy with a recent tweet about his requirement for any lady looking to settle down with him.

The user who goes by the handle @WilliamMarvel tweeted that his wife-to-be should agree to spend between 6 months to a year with his mum to learn how to take care of him.

In his exact words he wrote, ”Any woman that I want to marry must, first of all, stay with my mum for 6 months/1 year so that my mum can train her and let her know how to take care of me.”

After his tweet, there has been a growing conversation about William’s statement and while others find his argument valid, others have questioned his thought process.


A number of people, mostly men, supported the argument indicating that marriage is about compromise and a man’s mum is the best person to advise a wife as to how to coexist with her son.

Some tweeps also suggested that in a similar fashion, William should be down with also staying with her wife-to-be’s father to learn how to love her should she demand it.

Stay with mum marriage
Stay with mum marriage

However, William, who was clearly looking for attention, cheekily responded that for him to go live with his wife’s dad, the family would have to give him a discount on her bride price as well as pay him a monthly stipend.