If you are spiritual you will know that bad prophecies are better than the positive ones -Nigel Gaisie

Prophet Nigel Gaisie

The head pastor of True Word Fire Prophetic Ministries Prophet Nigel Gaisie has stated in an interview that negative prophecies are better than the positive ones.

According to the man of God, he doesn’t always reveal bad or negative prophecies in his church and that any spiritual person will understand his statement.

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“When you come to my church, you will appreciate that about 99.9 per cent of my prophecies are positive but indeed, if you are spiritual, then negative prophecies are better than positive ones.

Don’t forget that we wrestle not against flesh and blood so we are dealing with the enemy. But we don’t know what the devil is doing that is why the Lord gives it to exclusive people called the prophets; we see the darker side, we deal with the devil so we are able to tell what he is plotting.

I would urge all musicians to pray because although you can see one prophecy, it represents a whole lot. Prophecy is figurative. You can see one but it represents a whole lot; they should check their cars, their speed levels etc. and this could go a long way to save them,

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This statement is in relation to his recent prophecy he made about a popular male musician.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie recently revealed that a popular musician will pass away by the end of December.

This prophecy by the man of God received backlash by some Ghanaians who quizzed why these so-called prophets always predict the death of a popular person but not that of the ordinary Ghanaian.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie is popularly known for predicting the death of the Late Ebony Reigns who died in a tragic accident on 8th February 2018.

He was recently in the news for disclosing to Kumawood actor and musician Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin that his former manager known as Zack has locked his voice with a padlock spiritually.


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