Young man caught carrying white coffin at dawn

Young man caught carrying white coffin at dawn
Coffin Young man

A news video fast going viral on social media has it that a young man in the Ashanti Region has been captured on video walking around with a white coffin at dawn raising suspicion in the community.

According to a source, the incident is said to have occurred at Abuakwa-Manhyia to be precise saw the young man who is believed to be in his early twenties going around with the coffin.

People who saw him approached him to find out why and where he was going carrying the coffin at that hour.

An eyewitness at the scene who gave his name as Kojo Tawia disclosed that he was not asleep as at 1 am and that prompted him to spot the man carry the white coffin on top of a Toyota Corolla heading towards the T-junction in the community.

He continued that he approached the young man when he saw that he was trying to offload the coffin and quizzed why he was carrying such a crucial material in the middle of the night but the young man was fumbling with excuses.

Kojo Tawia went on to say that the young man told him the coffin belonged to the priest of Abuakwa-Manhyia but the said priest denied knowledge of the coffin when he was called to the scene.

His actions angered the youth of the community who gave him some beatings of his life for trying to use some residents for his alleged money rituals.

Watch the video below:

Though it’s not confirmed that he was going to do blood money but looking at the current happenings and some videos sighted on social media, the youth just came to a conclusion that he was a money ritualist.