VIDEO – Yvonne Okoro shows her “obaapa levels” as she “drives” fufu in a video that shows her homely side

Yvonne Okoro drives fufu in a video

Yvonne Okoro “drives” fufu in a video

A video of the talented Ghanaian actress driving fufu has surfaced on the internet. She captioned it “Chef okoro.’s abt to go down ??? ..fufu any1??”

A lot of people love fufu which I am not exempted – Even this afternoon “I chop some” lol..but most people have no idea what goes into preparing this number one Ghanaian delicacy.Very stressful I must tell you.

Tho the stress, almost every home within the Ashantis eat Fufu every evening. Prepare rice or ampesi for my granny,after eating , she will still tell you within the next few minutes she hasn’t eating because that was not fufu. Interesting huh ?

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That tells you how fufu is regarded in some homes and those who might think she is doing it for the cameras,let’s just say like the actress she is, she executed it well.

Watch the video ;

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